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Armidale and District Amateur Radio Club

(Incorporated in NSW – INC1400256)

18 Mann St, Armidale, NSW 2350, Australia

Annual General Meeting – 15th October 2016 11am

Held in the Conference Room, RFS Complex, 18 Mann St, Armidale.

Welcome to all by President 2015-16, Rick Rodgers.

Attendance register: Rick Rodgers VK2RR, Richard Katsch VK2EIK, Brian Peasley VK2BLP, Peter Seifert VK2MKG, Les Oldroyd VK2LES, Kerry Black VK4FKDB, Sharon Black VK4FSRB, Wayne Memphis VK2KWM, Phil Beard VK2AFX, Noel McLaren VK2IWT, Martha McLaren VK2IWS, Dave Ritchings VK2RP

Apologies: Julie Rodgers VK2FJUL, Steve Lisle VK2SL, Norm Partridge VK2TOP, Ken Michell VK2UQ, Dean Davidson VK2ZID, Megan Sutherland VK2FMEG, Maurie Clarke-Pearce VK2MOZ.


Presentation of Minutes

 Minutes of the 2015 AGM was tabled by the secretary. The report was accepted by Richard Katsch and seconded by Peter Seifert.

President’s Report

The outgoing President, Rick Rodgers, gave the President’s Report for 2015 – 2016.

The following is a summary of his report:

·       27 financial members

·       Acknowledgement of the generosity of members

·       Statement of Club owned equipment indicates club is well placed for Amateur activities. Equipment includes 2HF stations, a Linear Amplifier, UHF and VHF transceivers plus a variety of auxiliary test/support devices/tuners/antennas. The club also has some standby transceivers for all common Amateur Bands.

·       Increase in use of Echolink

·       Donation of an old transmitter from local radio station 2AD. The Manager also indicated that there was some obsolete station equipment that could be available for the Club.

·       2M net on Sunday 7.30pm quite successful with the inclusion of Echolink participants.

·       23cm band being tested by some members for the possible use as a repeater.

·       Healthy financial status

·       Through the generosity of club members and the supply initiative of others, our club now has operating 2m & 70cm repeaters with spare backups for both. A couple UHF repeaters that might be converted to 70cm and a Commercial TAIT repeater with a controller and full set of cavities for 2m.

·       We welcomed new member Dave Ritchings, VK2RP who, with his wife Trish have recently moved to Invergowrie. Dave brings many years of RF servicing expertise to the club and is currently servicing one of our repeaters and associated cavities. The cavities were in a very sad state and are now working well beyond expectations.

·       Our voice repeaters on 2m and 70cm have served us well from their installation on August 3rd 2013 and have been providing a common, “On Air” meeting point for over three years now. Echo link has expanded the 2m repeater facility with regular check ins from international hams. The Tait 2m repeater is on periodic test at Invergowrie.

·       We’re currently looking at ideas as to siting that repeater that will give the best benefits to the club and its members. One such idea is siting it at Ben Lomond and linking it back to RAD so that members in Glen Innes and Inverell can be in contact with those of us who frequent the local RAD repeater. A suitable site has yet to be secured.

·       ADARC has been contacted by the Armidale Boy Scouts asking us to assist them with JOTA again this year and we will be hosting the event at our club rooms later today. This will be a good opportunity to again show the benefits of having an active Amateur Radio Club in the local community.

·       Our Sausage Roll Saturday is held every Saturday and has become very popular for local hams to come together for a social chat and catch up with the latest happenings at the club. Our weekly club net on 146.725MHz has operated successfully every Sunday night. The nets really do add to our knowledge base and can bring about further experimentation by members.

·       Last month, the Club compiled and submitted an application to the local council for funding for repeater equipment that will operate both analogue and digital transmissions..

·       ADARC was asked to provide catering at the Armidale Cat Show this year and the Club did make some money on the day and that will go towards keeping the club functioning. The Cat Club received some very positive feedback from all who attended and have asked us to cater for their function again next year.

·       JOTA - Last year the 2nd Armidale Scout Group contacted the Armidale & District Amateur Radio Club to assist them with this world wide event and preparations were made to set up 2 separate HF stations that allowed the keen Scouts and Cubs to “Get on Air” and they took to it like ducks to water. So much fun was had on the day that one of the Scouts asked how he could get an Amateur Radio Licence and this is certainly achievable with the help of the local Amateur Radio Club.


The President’s report was proposed by Rick and seconded by Brian.

Treasurer’s Report

 The Treasurer is currently overseas but the statement was supplied to the outgoing President.

The Club has been granted ABN status and the Club is now registered for GST

Despite high ongoing costs, the club’s balance increased to $2215.44. There has been an accumulation of saleable material which should further improve the club’s liquidity.  Rent, licences and insurance remain the club’s biggest expenditure.

A copy of the Treasurer’s statement is attached.


The report was accepted by Brian and seconded by Dave   


Secretary’s Report

The Secretary presented a brief outline of the Secretary’s activities over the previous year.

Main points were

·       Most correspondence (paper) was incoming. Nearly all outgoing mail was by electronic means.

·       ADARC Insurance renewed

The report was accepted by Richard and seconded by Peter.  

General Business

1.     Raffle – A dual Band handheld has been donated as a Raffle prize

2.    Disposal of surplus equipment – 3 levels of suitability. Club use, club loan and dispersal to members. Remainder to dump or VK Classifieds. Dave, Rick and Brian to evaluate surplus equipment.

3.     Trash and treasure – organise including a BBQ

4.    Grants and funding – Greater Bank $5000 a month community based grants. Rick has put in an online application. Funding required for Operation Safety Net which involves setting up 3 interconnected repeaters with the aim of providing communications in the Tablelands in the event of a catastrophic power failure. An application has been lodged with the local Council for infrastructure required for this project.

5.    Kerry and Sharon had brought for display a Yaesu repeater and has offered a long term loan of the unit. This type had been considered as a replacement for the existing VK2RAD repeater. A vote of thanks was extended to Kerry and Sharon for their kind gesture.

6.     VK2RAD repeater has been moved to a new hut offering better weather protection. A new power supply has been installed. Many thanks to member James Goodwin VK2KHJ for his work on that project.

7.    J.O.T.A -on later after AGM from 4-8pm. 2 HF stations – 1 in complex and the other in the carpark as a field station. Dave, Noel, Kerry, Sharon and Brian will attend. Advice that Working with Children requirements are not mandatory as parents and Scout leaders are onsite.

8.    Cat Show April 22nd 2017. Call for volunteers.

9.    23cm repeater. Several members have equipment to utilise this band. The question was raised as to whether it would be used. Richard spoke of setting up a digital network between members computers. Also as a last resort alternative in a disaster.

10.Hamfest. Existing ones aren’t well attended and Armidale is not well located. Trash and Treasure a more realistic event. Recommend that some items are promoted and a list made available. Many advertising avenues eg social media would be effective.

11.Christmas Party –   November 26th 11am

12.Any other General Business from the Floor - none.


Election of Office Bearers & Committee.


Rick Rodgers declared all positions v acant and called for nominations.

Results were:

President – Rick Rodgers VK2RR - VK4HF

Vice President – Richard Katsch VK2EIK

Secretary – Brian Peasley VK2BLP

Membership – Julie Rodgers VK2FJUL

Treasurer – Dean Davidson VK2DJD

Education & Training – Wayne Memphis VK2KWM

Grants & Funding Coordinator –Steve Lisle and Norm Partridge

Technical Officer/Repeater Coordinator – James Goodwin VK2KHJ

Webmaster – Rick Rodgers VK2RR - VK4HF

Technical Coordinator– Dave Ritchings VK2RP


Close Meeting & Adjourn for Lunch.